Blackfield - End of the World | پایان دنیا بلک فیلد

دسته‌بندی زمین تیوب
تاریخ انتشار 2 مهر 1389

Don't you forget what I've told youSo many years:We are hopeless slaves to our fears,We're an accident called human beings,Don't be angry for loving the babyOr say it's unreal.So many lies turn to songs,Like roses who hide in their thorns.It's the end of the world,The end of the world.It's a prison for dreams and for hopes,Yet still we believe there is God.It's the end of the world,The end of the world.We're dead though pretend we're alive.Full of ignorance, fools in disguise.In your room doing nothing but staring,At flickering screensStreets are empty,But still you can hearJoy of children turning to tears.Disease hides around every corner,Quietly still.Wait for the moment to healWait for God, want his touch, want to feel.It's the end of the world,The end of the world.Take this pill it will make you feel dizzy,And then give you wings.Soon boy you're falling to sleepWithout nightmares, without any fears.If you wake up in hell or in heavenTell the angels we're here,Waiting below for a dream,Here in the garden of sin

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